Thursday, October 2, 2014

My First Post!

So, wow. My first post.
You can call me Moniken, I guess. I'm working on a passion project. It's about comedy.
Anyone can make a cheesy pun or tell a recycled knock knock joke. But real comedy is a true skill. It takes a good sense of timing. It takes knowledge on what's considered funny. It takes smarts. It takes guts. It also takes muscle and skin, because nobody wants to hear jokes from a pile of guts on a stage. 
Anyway, I decided I want to learn how to be a better comedian. I like to make my friends laugh, but my sense of humor confuses people. So I'm on a mission to make what I'm calling "MishMash Comedy", acts from different comedians smashed into one act, sewed seamlessly together. Except I'm not to good at sewing. So I'm going to need some practice. So far I've made a Steven Wright act, so I have four more comedians to make acts for. I make acts by picking the jokes I think are funny, and and putting them into an order that flows well. That's been my "sewing practice" so far. I'm going to show my dad the Steven Wright act piece, since he's one of my dad's favorites. 
I think I'm pretty good at blogging. I've done similar things. For example, I kept a diary right after I was born. Day 1: Tired from the move. Day 2: Everyone thinks I'm an idiot.

P.S. I'm going to end all my passion project updates with a joke from a comedian I'm working on at the time. That's Steven Wright up there.